The MarvinMatrix™ Survival Kit for Investors

Learn how to find bargain stocks
Take the emotion out of the decision-making process

Learn How to Become a Disciplined Investor & Make Money in the Stock Market

The objective is to find and buy underpriced stocks and then to sell those stocks when they are overpriced.

We teach you the strategy to help you determine what to buy, what to sell, when to buy, when to sell, and when to be out of the Market.

Stanley Marvin has developed a 3-step process for evaluating stocks, which he describes as the MarvinMatrix™ Algorithm. This is the method that the author has used in managing his own investment portfolio with remarkable success. Now that Stanley Marvin is approaching retirement, he is willing to share his secrets.

Learn how to take the emotion out of buying and selling stocks.

Marvin says: “If I can make money in the stock market, I believe you can too.”

Instead of feeding you stock recommendations that become immediately out of date, we teach you the discipline of the MarvinMatrix™ Algorithm:

  1. To find micro-cap stocks to consider for purchase
  2. To buy micro-cap stocks at a bargain price
  3. To know when to sell stocks that are overpriced
  4. To know when to be out of the market

“The MarvinMatrix™ Algorithm combines fundamentals-based growth investing with a quantitative assessment of the risk tolerance of the investor. By removing the emotion from the investment process, the MarvinMatrix™ Algorithm opens the door for quality decsions and creates a platform for finding undiscovered growth opportunities.” – Jim Oberweis, President, Oberweis Asset Management

“When Stanley Marvin Burnstein talks about the stock market, I listen, because his logic is compelling. What he says is practical and makes sense. His MarvinMatrix™ Algorithm is a useful tool for any serious investor.” – Michael R. Haverty, Executive Chairman, Kansas City Southern
(a NYSE listed transportation holding company)

“Stanley Marvin has an uncanny ability to be practical and to explain financial matters in understandable Plain English…all useful information without fluff.” – Daniel McCarroll, Director of Continuing Legal Education, School of Law,
University of Missouri at Kansas City

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