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Learn how you may be able to exploit inefficiencies in the Micro-Cap Market.

The objective is to find and buy underpriced stocks and then to sell those stocks when they are overpriced.

Learn how to use Price Earnings/Growth (PE/G) Ratio and financial strength to help determine a reasonable value.

We are growth and value investors, but only at value prices.

How the MarvinMatrix™ Strategy Helps You Make Money in the Stock Market

For 30 years I have been searching for a practical book in Plain English that would teach me stock market strategy.

I did not want stock recommendations that may become out of date. I wanted someone to instruct me on HOW to invest and how to analyze stocks, and when to be in the market and when to be out of the market, when to buy and when to sell.

So, I read Benjamin Graham and Peter Lynch. I read Bernard Baruch and Jason Zweig. They are outstanding. They are interesting and make sense. But they did not satisfy my own particular needs.

I continued my quest. I read Warren Buffett,  Ken Fisher, Arthur Levitt, Burton G Malkiel, Peter L Bernstein, Lester C. Thurow and others. I continue to be impressed by Jason Zweig and Martin Zweig.  I even read Jim Cramer.  All of these financial writers and professional investors were helpful in giving me some guidance.

Many of these authors had interesting stories. Some had interesting ideas and theories. But I was looking for a technique that would be practical, that would tell me how to analyze stocks, so that I would know what to buy and when to buy and when to sell. I was frustrated, but continued my search nonetheless. I don’t want outdated recommendations.

I wanted someone to tell me, in plain English, how to invest in the market to make money. After an exhaustive search, I still was unable to find the book I wanted.

After several years of trial and error, I developed a technique that works for me. Now I am attempting to reduce my technique to writing so others can follow it.

So, I set out to write the book that I wish I had read and understood 30 years ago. I believe it can save others the grief that I have suffered and the needless mistakes that I made. But, the book had to be practical.

Now I have summarized the book on the Web. It explains an investment strategy that is designed to help investors make money in the stock market. The technique is called the MarvinMatrix™ Strategy.

Why the MarvinMatrix™ Strategy Works When Other Strategies May Not

Many strategies are based upon the ‘charts’. The charts reflect the price performance of the shares. Many “chartists” place little emphasis on the fundamentals of a company. Fundamentals include the relationship between price and earnings and the expectation for the future growth of the company. The chartists examine the price trends to determine future pricing and momentum. Earnings may not be important to the ‘chartist’.

Estimating future earnings and using reasonable pricing based upon reasonable price earnings/growth (P.E.G.) Ratios, are keys to the Marvin Matrix™ Formula.

Marvin Explains How the 3-Step Process of the MarvinMatrix™ is Designed to Help You Make Money in the Stock Market

  • Step 1: Use the MarvinMatrix™ to measure the upside potential.
  • Step 2: Measure the downside risk.
  • Step 3: Measure your ability to take the emotion out of the decision-making process.

One of the goals of the Matrix™ Strategy is to help you evaluate whether a stock is a bargain. Do not buy the stock unless it is a bargain.

The corollary is to sell the stock when it no longer is a bargain. Thus, do not buy and hold. Warren Buffett deals in such large numbers that he cannot buy small cap stocks, and he cannot continually buy and sell, as his volume of buying and selling would cause too much of an impact on the price.